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Lecture: What’s in a word? Notes on Feminist Publishing, by Delphine Bedel

Impakt - Center for Media Culture Steenweg 26, 3511 JR, Utrecht

The lecture is followed by a conversation with Delphine Bedel, moderated by Anita Di Bianco Delphine Bedel’s lecture What’s in a Word? Notes on Feminist Publishing will focus on the emergence of the word “feminism” in the 19th century and its relationship to publishing. With the invention of the Gutenberg press in 1450, publishing became […]


DAE Lecture Series: Engagement Arts

Design Academy Eindhoven Emmasingel 14, 2nd floor, Eindhoven

Lecture by Delphine Bedel, Chair Engagement Arts NL Design Academy Eindhoven’s Lecture Series brings leading practitioners from the field of design – as well as practitioners from other disciplines such as art, craft, curation, education, the humanities and science – to the Academy to share their ideas and work with the public. It attracts some […]

Safe Working Session at Theater a/d Rijn – Code of Conduct

Theater a/d Rijn

In previous sessions, Merel Severs and Brent de Vries already discussed boundaries and transgressive behavior with a small group, and they organized intimacy coaching under the guidance of Zarah Bracht. The third session will take place on Monday 14 November and a final session is planned in January. The sessions take place in a small […]