ENGAGEMENT ARTS NL is a not-for-profit organization addressing gender-based violence, sexism, discrimination, and abuse of power in the Dutch arts and design field. 


ENGAGEMENT ARTS NL strives for a healthy and inclusive art sector in which every artist, regardless of gender identification, sexual orientation, race, religion, or (dis)ability, has the opportunity to participate fully and equally and to be treated with the same level of respect. 


Our organisation ENGAGEMENT ARTS NL aims to lobby and raise awareness to the urgency of the issues of representation, sexism, gender-based violence, and abuse of power in the Dutch arts field. We want to provide the sector with tools and services to create change and to move from rape culture to consent culture, community accountability, and transformative justice. We all need radical change and radical care. May these words create healing, solidarities, and communities.

As a low-threshold, peer-to-peer initiative, ENGAGEMENT ARTS NL also offers a safe space for individuals and communities facing transgressive behaviour, discrimination and/or unfair practices in the arts. You can be part of this via an open meeting, a space for sharing and listening in solidarity. We strive to organize an open meeting every month. You can check our next meeting here.

In order to properly carry out the activities above, we also support the costs for professional training courses for confidential advisors (Vertrouwenspersoon) which will be actively engaged by the Stichting in listening to individuals and community complaints. If you are interested in this, please check our service page. We also engage with institutions, policymakers, law firms, and similar organizations to discuss mechanisms to create safer and more inclusive working environments through research contribution, workshops, seminars, advocacy and proposals on policy development. Our purpose is to create safer and more inclusive working environments for all. Please check our calendar of masterclasses, workshops, and podcasts here.