The conception of the collective ENGAGEMENT ARTS was initiated in 2017 in Belgium by Ilse Ghekiere and developed in the context of D.I.T. (Do It Together), a research and development trajectory by Kunstenpunt.

You can follow the work of our sibling organization ENGAGEMENT ARTS BELGIUM on their website.

ENGAGEMENT ARTS NL is immensely grateful for the generous support of ENGAGEMENT ARTS BELGIUM in helping us to start off. We are also deeply grateful to the incredible hard work and funds made available by F-RAZZOR, as facilitated by PLATFORM BK, that enabled us to start off and helped so many people in our community. The solidarity of these organizations proves that communities can change and heal and is a great source of inspiration to us.

A big thank you goes to all the people who got involved, structurally or temporarily, voluntarily and with incredible energy, to contribute to the work of the ENGAGEMENT ARTS collective, even if not named here.