Core Values


We believe that solidarity is one of the most universal and most powerful values we have as humans. ENGAGEMENT ARTS NL stands in solidarity with all those fighting gender-based violence, sexism, ableism, discrimination based on class, race, religion, and caste and/or caste-based violence and abuse of power across the world. 


In our work, we approach sexual harassment and gender-based violence through the lens of intersectional feminism. Intersectionality recognises that people’s lives are shaped by their identities, relationships, and social factors. These combine to create intersecting forms of privilege and oppression depending on a person’s context and existing power structures such as patriarchy, ableism, colonialism, imperialism, homophobia casteism, and racism. It is important to remember the transformative potential of intersectionality, which extends beyond merely a focus on the impact of intersecting identities.* 


We strongly believe that fostering collaboration, developing coalitions, creating networks, and promoting agency is the way forward to implement change across the sector.


We believe in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, and in the equal rights of men and women and non-binary persons to promote social progress and better standards of life and work.


We understand that in order to develop as a community we need to acknowledge that we are accountable to those we share the industry with. We want all institutions to commit to implementing functional reporting policies and mechanisms (including sanctions for transgressions) towards long-standing change in the sector. We seek honesty and transparency across sectors.

Knowledge & Education

We believe that all institutions working in The Netherlands should understand the social and legal context and framework concerning gender-based violence, sexism, discrimination, and abuse of power. All individuals should have access to this knowledge, regardless of their background or the resources available. We believe in the power of the community for sharing this knowledge.

Prevention and Protection

Aligned with the Istanbul Convention against women and domestic violence, we believe that prevention can save lives and reduce human suffering. We believe in the importance of training professionals in close contact with victims and making them accessible to all working in the sector. We understand the importance of running awareness-raising campaigns for this. We also understand that it is paramount to provide victims and witnesses with protection and support when incidents/complaints have happened and/or been reported.

* Intersectionality Resource Guide and Toolkit: An intersectional Approach to Leave No One Behind. ‘Casteism’ is an addition to the definition provided in the toolkit, by Engagement Arts NL.