What we Do

We are happy to share our knowledge and skills to assist you and your organization in this process. We are open for lectures, panel discussions, research, commissioned writings, podcast interviews on topics ranging from abuse of power to gender-based violence in the arts and design fields.

Check our Agenda for upcoming events and register to our newsletter (below) to stay informed!

Lectures & Advices

Past lectures, conferences & collaborations with: Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, HFF Munich, St. Joost School of Art & Design, Podcast interviews with NRC Handelsblad, Rawradical.com & artgenève, Futuress.org, Kunstenbond, Platform BK, Theater a/d Rijn, among others.

Trainings & Workshops

Training on Codes of Conduct for the Dutch and German art world. Check our Agenda page for upcoming events and register to our newsletter to stay informed.

Workshop for performers on setting (physical) boundaries

How to make groundbreaking works without transgressing personal boundaries? How to acknowledge your own boundaries and vocalize them to others? What to do when boundaries are not respected? Where can you go when boundaries are transgressed? 

As a performer, your body -physical, mental, and emotional- is your material. And since this is the same body you live with it needs care. Rehearsal processes can be physical and mental challenges. Diving into the unknown can feel uncomfortable. Boundaries may be pushed. A certain group dynamic can cause tension. A director might envision something a performer can’t or doesn’t want to execute. 

With all this in mind, how to create an environment full of trust and artistic freedom, respecting your own and everyone else’s boundaries? In this  workshop, we will help you to: 

  • define power positions and personal boundaries;
  • create physical and playful exercises for communicating (physical) boundaries;
  • say NO;
  • define tools for setting up a safe workplace;
  • learn to work with Code of Conducts.

Based on the expectation/need of the institution inviting us the workshop can be adjusted.

Open Meetings  

We organize open meetings once a month. It is an online meeting to create a peer-to-peer space for sharing solidarity with each other. It is not a problem if you have never been part of a conversation in this context before. People come and go, the space is open and we are always happy to welcome new faces. Due to the covid pandemic, the meetings are hosted online. Check our Agenda page for the date and time of the next meeting and register to our newsletter to stay informed.

Confidential Advisor  

The ‘House for Whistleblowers’ Act (De Wet ‘Huis voor de Klokkenluiders’) came into effect on 01 July 2016 in The Netherlands. The law improves the options for safely reporting abuses and also improves the protection of the applicant and the confidential advisor. Organizations with more than fifty employees are required to have internal integrity reporting procedure and an advisor for this. That advisor can and may be anyone, even if he or she is not a professional in this field. Although there is, therefore, no legal obligation to have a certified confidential advisor, this has become the “standard” in the Netherlands, just like in the case of undesirable behavior. 

We aim to provide these services soon.